5 Reasons to Get Married in London

London is one of the world’s best-rated destinations. The city has a lot to offer visitors and has become a hot spot for couples who are in love. That said, here are five reasons to get married in the British capital.

1. Stunning venues – a plethora of venue options

London has impressive wedding venues; for instance, Royal Lancaster London weddings can be hosted in one of their spectacular ballrooms that features separate and private entrances for the wedding guests. Guests get to experience twinkling star lights and glimmering chandeliers along with their world-class cuisine, which is designed to create a memorable evening.

2. Diverse suppliers – The bride and the groom get to customise their wedding

Approximately 230 languages are spoken in this city, with cosmopolitan boroughs filled with communities that make for a range of bridal services, goods and products. With easy access to wedding planners, venues, florists, photographers, entertainment and catering, couples can customise every aspect of their wedding.

3. Shopping – a hub for shoppers

Getting married in London eliminates an entire list of wardrobe emergencies that could occur on the wedding day. No matter what happens, the city has a shop selling something that will fix the problem. There are shops designed for every situation in London. This means even in crisis-mode couples will have a bewildering array of options to choose from.

4. Sightseeing and loads of things to do – there’s something for everyone

The city has a lot of different things for couples and their guests to see and do. If their guests want to travel far, London is the ideal place as it has numerous world-famous attractions. These include icons of London’s skyline such as the London Eye, the Tower of London and Big Ben as well as amazing attractions such as the National Portrait Gallery, the London Dungeon and world-renowned Madame Tussauds. Here is a site with a map of London attractions

5. Parks and gardens – get back to nature on the big day

More than 30 per cent of the British capital is made up of beautiful parks and open spaces, meaning that botanical settings and romantic gardens are all within reach. London has lush, tranquil venues for any type of wedding.

Couples who are planning their wedding and hoping for a memorable and romantic big day should take it their wedding celebration to the bright lights of the British capital.


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