What to expect at Lord Mayors Show 2022

The Lord Mayor’s Show is an annual event that has been taking place for over 800 years. Here is what to expect at this year’s parade.

What is the Lord Mayors Show? This annual parade in London involves an entourage of over 6,000 people, bands, performers, floats, and a gilded coach, which the Lord Mayor uses to transverse the streets. The Lord Mayors Show 2022 will take place on Saturday, 22 November.

History of the Lord Mayor’s Show

The first parade took place in the early 13th century when King John permitted the city of London to appoint its Mayor. The King’s only condition was that the newly elected Mayor was to travel to West Minister and swear allegiance to the Crown. Since then, the elected Mayor of London has been making the journey to West Minster and thus grew the pomp and colourful procession that is now celebrated as the Lord Mayor’s Show.

The procession and what to expect

The details of this 2022 parade will be announced around autumn, which is the time when the new Lord Mayor of London will be elected. While details may vary, the whole City area is usually closed for most of the day, and buses may be diverted depending on the procession’s route.

The best way to get to the parade is by bicycle, boat or tube. Furthermore, it is also lovely and relaxing to enjoy the city when it is traffic-free and witness the many attractions London has to offer.

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